1932 Ford Rat Rod


Pork Chop is back with his latest creation to move that hot shine thru the GA backwoods! After finding this long forgotten 32 in the back pasture over grown with kudzu, PC decided to get the ole girl runnin again. Outfitted with a blown ardun flathead he aquired in a late night poker match years ago, he knew it needed more power. So he scrounged up two nitrous tanks and hooked em up and it boiled the old skinnies so he needed some new shoes to handle that new found power. After looking thru the pole barn out back he found his old mag wheels from the black sheep he built years before and slapped em on. He also figured he should do something about the holes in the floor so he plained some lumber and made his own pine floor! Only thing left to do now is test it in the dirt!


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